How to create an interactive call script

  • Planning. Think about steps you would like to follow in the conversation with your customer.
  • Script creation. Creating stricp using our editor.
  • Script test. Check everything to work as expected.
  • Publish. Make your script available for your agents.

Plan steps in conversation

Conversation script is a scenario with documentation for your agents. You should plan steps of the conversation with a customer. You can create one script for several topics or one script for a single topic if topic is big.

Let's imagine simple technical support script.

  1. Greet the customer and ask about the call reason.
  2. Help with call reason.
  3. End call.
  • Smartphone problem;
  • Laptop problem;
  • TV problem.

Steps to create interactive conversation script using SmartScript.App

Log In or Sign Up as Administrator. Administrator is a default user account.

SmartScript.App dashboard screenshot
Click to Create new script on dashboard

You can save script any time after adding at least one block. For now script in Draft state and not available to agents.

SmartScript.App rename and save
Name the script

Create First block. Block is like a slide. It contains useful information for agent to process call. It might be phrase examples, documentation, screenshots, etc.

SmartScript.App create your first block

Start block is the block agent will see first after opening the script.

SmartScript.App select start block
Set first block as Start block

Let's set meaningful short name for block, add some instructions to agent ad save our draft.

SmartScript.App add content to first block
Use buttons in editor to style your content

Create more blocks and fill content for some customer's questions or for any planned step in call

SmartScript.App fill blocks

Next step is to link the blocks. Links help your agents to switch from one block (step) to another. Let's select first "Welcome" block and link it to three possible questions.

As Action description you can write question. That will be the text your agent will see above links.

SmartScript.App link blocks
Link blocks

Do the same linking for other blocks. There is only last block that doesn't need to be linked.

SmartScript.App link other blocks

Save your script and go to back to dashboard. Refresh dashboard page if necessary and you will see your script there. Click Open to test your script before publication.

SmartScript.App run script
Open (run) script

You will see call script exactly as it will be seen by your agent. Links at the bottom are clickable.

SmartScript.App first script in action

On the right side you will see history of your steps. You can click to return back to any step.

SmartScript.App steps history
Steps history

If test run was successful, let's return to editor by click to Edit button on dashboard.

SmartScript.App edit script button
Click Edit button

And click Publish button to make script available to agents

SmartScript.App publish script button
Publish your call script

Invite agents

In order to use scripts by agents, you need to invite them.

SmartScript.App invite agent
Click Invite button

Enter valid email and click send invite. Email invitation will be sent and recipient should use url from email in order to setup password and activate account.

That's it. Now you and your team can use interactive call script to improve quality of your customer support.